7 Reasons You MUST Have a Website

7 Reasons You MUST Have a Website

Some time ago I was asked to write content for a brand new Website of a client. The client had a fancy (but truthfully, ugly) black flash Website that didn’t match his brand. It had a lot of pages and images that moved, but not much information of value. The site didn’t really provide enough information to make me desire to hire the guy.

I began working on the project after consulting with other Web designers and graphic designers as well as marketers from the team. In addition to designing a new web design, we decided he needed lots of additional content, including: case studies, helpful advice, solid reasons to hire rather than the competition and tools to keep visitors coming back to the site, and more.

There was also the issue of arranging everything…From making the navigation plan to deciding on the route visitors should take through the website, and then creating compelling calls to actions.

Then things started to come together nicely. But when we brought the client in to discuss our plans, he seemed to be confused.

He didn’t understand why we were putting so much time and energy into preparing. Seems all he wanted was a website that looked better and was more in tune with his brand design and color scheme.

This really did throw me off! It’s a good question, why spend your time and money in redesigning your website if you’re not making it an effective sales tool, surely?! ?

I started asking questions, trying to be able to understand where he came from. Then, I came to what was at the root…

His current Website had never been able to generate any new business-no leads, no sales, nothing. It’s not that surprising considering that as well as being an assault on the eyeballs The site was not designed to generate sales.

Of course, the next one I asked him was “Would you like your Website to generate leads and make sales for you?” What was his answer was??? A “deer-in-the-headlights” stare!

It never occurred to him that his website could be doing a large part of the marketing and sales job for him.

It’s true that there’s no one else small business owner I’ve run across that feels that way. When I ask entrepreneurs about the purpose of their website to help grow their kissanime business nine times out 10 times the answer is “nothing”. At best, potential customers are able to visit their site but only after speaking to them on the call or by meeting them in person.

Most small business Websites are nothing more than glorified electrified brochures!

In this day and age it is essential to have an EFFECTIVE and sales-oriented website is one of the best methods of growing almost any small business without spending lots of time and money.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and find emails from 3 hot leads that are waiting to hire you? or that you earned $300 online in sales while you were sleeping? Sure, it will! It doesn’t even require a rocket scientist to achieve it.

Best of all, creating a Website that is a lead-generating, sales-making machine will not cost you an arm and leg. It’s just a matter of understanding what makes a site effective and then decide what you want it to achieve for you, then create a plan, then hire someone to implement it (or make the changes yourself).

Could your website be doing better for you?

Obviously, if my little story hit home for you, the most likely answer is yes. But if you’re not sure take a moment to answer these questions…

1) Does your website frequently makes sales, or even send prospects into your Inbox? 2) Does it explain to visitors exactly what you can offer and to whom, front and center on the homepage? They will figure this out in 2 to 2 seconds!
3) Does your website provide your visitors an appealing, compelling motive to buy from you over your competitors?
4.) Are one of the top content on your site accessible in just two clicks from the homepage?
5) Does your Website answer visitors’ questions and address their major questions?
6.) Does it help your credibility as an expert by providing valuable information to visitors?
7) Do you get compliments from people who often praise your website’s accessibility of your Website?
8.) Has your Website content been revised in the last six months?
9) Did your website be designed with a specific purpose in mind more than just being a web presence (IE building a list, selling product or becoming a resource center, etc. )?

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