Top French Movies

Top French Movies

French movies have over the years, enthralled people all over the world. Just like every top genre of movies, French movies have over time developed its unique style, brought to the fore by the renowned artists and the directors. The testimony to the fact is that many movies of the yesteryears are still watched with as much interest and appreciation as was when they were released.

The French films, just like any other great streameast movies of all times, have successfully used elements like drama, passion, romance, comedy, suspense, thriller and action that have wowed the audience. But no less successful have been the movies with a theme, for example, a social theme.

Let us discuss some French movies that have been immensely successful over the years.

A heart in the winter: This movie is all about a love triangle that stretches through the movie and leaves the audience enthralled. This movie is about two friends who are into the business of violins-while one is into repairing violins, the other looks after the business. While one falls for a beautiful violinist, the violinist is in love with the other.

Beauty and the Beast: This movie is about a man who sets out for his home one night and is captured by a half man and a half beast. The half beast lets the man go on condition that he will send one of his daughters to the beast. The man sends his beautiful daughter to the beast when the girl realizes that the beast has the heart of a human within. The movie is known for its wonderful story and its special effects which were not yet developed in those years.

Belle de Jour: This is a French cinema which is about a lady who loves her doctor husband but is not quite reconciled to the idea of having sex with him. In her quest for sex, she falls into bad company. This movie was released in 1967 and is a wonderful creation.

Birds of a Feather: This movie is about two gay men who run a nightclub in France. One of the men’s sons decides to marry a girl who is the daughter of a Senator. The Senator belongs to the Moral majority party. The two men realize that the Senator might not like the idea of two gay men. This is a wonderful story that is sympathetic to the cause of the gays while at the same time is politically incorrect.

These movies have been able to have a captive audience down the decades mainly because of a superb storyline and skillful acting. This is all the more creditable in the absence of world class technology.

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