Sir Anthony Hopkins Movies, the Actor and the Director

Sir Anthony Hopkins Movies, the Actor and the Director

Anthony Hopkins movies are always a pleasure to watch. The legendary actor has spent over five decades perfecting his skills resulting in a distinctive style of acting that is admired the world-over, bringing something different to each and every movie he makes.

The mastery of script is one of Anthony Hopkins main strengths in acting skills – he reads each script exactly 250 times. Hopkins once said “I like to study text. I read it 250 times. I don’t know why, but that’s the magic number. I save the acting for when the director says, Action”. In all Anthony Hopkins movies, this is the method the classically trained actor religiously employs in his solid belief that rehearsals are not necessary and to the annoyance of directors, neither does he tolerate retakes!

Sir Anthony Hopkins has also ventured into directing movies, “August” 1996 having been his first. Hopkins found the movie-making itself “surprisingly easy” by his own words but he came unstuck tutflix when it came to the editing and had to hand this part of the process over to editor Edward Mansell who made ninety minutes of cuts and it was at that point that Hopkins realized his newfound career as a director was ill-conceived and that first and foremost his vocation lay as an actor and his self-directed movies were not successful at the box-office.

As an actor, character studies of great substance excite Anthony Hopkins, excelling at in-depth character research almost fanatically. Hopkins played President Richard Nixon in the movie “Nixon” 1995, at first outraged by director Oliver Stone’s suggestion of himself, a British actor playing an American President. However, Hopkins gradually came round to accepting the role, although he knew it was taking a risk at this time when he was at the peak of his career, following his Oscar-winning performance in 1991 for his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of The Lambs”. Anthony Hopkins spent over 50 hours watching video footage of the, by then deceased, President in preparation for the movie “Nixon”, perfecting his mannerisms and accent, capturing the essence of the man, rather than purely his physical appearance. His Oscar nominated performance was powerful, and combined with the superb photography and music score, the movie is a really enjoyable drama from beginning to end, being one of the all-time favourite Anthony Hopkins movies.

Other Anthony Hopkins movies involving the great actor’s special skill at character study include “The Bunker” 1981, where he plays Adolph Hitler, during his downfall and last days before he was defeated. Hopkins’ award-winning performance was so convincing, particularly in the final scenes of Hitler’s ranting hysteria and madness – an early confirmation in Hopkins’ career of his ability to portray madmen and monsters skillfully. In “Surviving Picasso” 1996, where Hopkins portrays the artist Pablo Picasso, playing out the monster in the womanizing, self-centred, manipulating artist, and character study comes into play again – this time he even looks like Picasso, so the performance is even more credible.

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